Emergency Response
Among our other specialties, TechDoc offers Emergency Response Services for acutely ill computers and networks for companies of all sizes.

We work evenings and weekends where the situation calls for it.  We offer our customers a powerful resource and rapid response with attention to preventing future problems. Below please find some of the typical emergencies we handle. Please contact us for more info.

Here is how we build our layered solution to your computer ills:

Diagnosis - Our systematic approach
Listen carefully to history and symptoms
Speed test LAN and Internet connections
Isolate problems to the proper system
Examine operating system updates
Check for presence of defenses
Perform specialized diagnostic tests
Analyze test results
Treatment - Our layered program for safe computing
Formulate treatment plan
Backup data if not done before!
Rescue and Recover data as needed
Install Routers with Hardware Firewalls
Install Operating System Updates
Remove Viruses and immunize
Scan and protect e-mail
Defeat Trojan Horses, eliminating surprises
Capture and eliminate Browser Hijackers
Subtract Adware and Malware
Hunt down missing drivers and patches
Install back-up software & hardware as needed
Install Operating System Updates
Post-Visit Care
Set up automated multi-layer defense program
Return visits assure protection is still adequate
Inform you of latest threats and defenses
Suggest new defenses as conditions change
Relax, we'll take it from here!

Call us today and and see how fast we move!


Click here to view our Virus Protection and PC Security slide show covering the fundamentals of PC/Network Internet protection.  We are happy to present this program to your company or organization.