About Us...

we care for computers owned by both businesses and individuals

Service to Businesses
TechDoc is a leading provider of a wide range of

  • services

  • hardware

  • software

to fit the needs of all size businesses. 

Because our partners draw on several decades of PC and LAN experience, we can offer you better results in protecting and optimizing your computers and networks.

Our pro-active programs mean that we can supplement your in-house support staff with special procedures and services.  They are what set us apart.

Service to Individuals
Don't you wish you had somebody to keep your computer out of trouble, make the new toy you bought "just work", or cure your PC when it gets sick? 

The Internet has become a mixed blessing for many:

  • joyous access to possibilities never dreamed of before

  • accompanied by the very real threats of hackers, vandals, worms, and even terrorists. 

If you value

  • your data

  • a smooth running operation

  • help in adapting as your computer needs change

  • a program for computer pest control that evolves as the pests do

then TechDoc has every service you need.

Your Satisfaction on every call is Critical!
We are on a fast growth track with the help of the good will you, our customers and clients, spread.   We know we have a big job to do. 

That is why each and every call to each and every customer is critical to us. We know that word-of-mouth is our best advertisement, your satisfaction is in fact the most critical part of our business plan! 

Future Goals
Our goal is simply to be the

  • best

  • most responsive

  • most thorough

  • most pro-active PC and Network service and maintenance company in the USA.

Starting in Chicago, IL, we expect that our motto: We Cure and Protect your Computers and performance will resonate in the complex world of computer changes and threats. 



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